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Recently, I saw a post, on my Facebook wall, that had the tagline #truth. It struck me as odd, because it was a pretty passive aggressive and slightly rude…however this is what this person wanted to call their “truth”…

It made me think about the word “truth” and what it means to me…

#truth: my friends & family

I will always put the needs and best interests of my kids first. Some may call me a “slave to a schedule” but what I have learned (and what has been proven by people with actual medical degrees and a lot of other degrees attached to their name…) is that kids thrive with a schedule, structure and SLEEP! I refuse to jeopardize their health, well being or my sanity to have them attend a birthday party, etc. I can put up with the eye rolls, the judgement, the talking behind my back because I am an adult…and usually those comments are coming from people who still have a whole lotta growing up to do!

When it comes to my family, I am fiercely loyal. Also, family is not just those that I share DNA with. Having lived away from my parents and brother for 12 years, I learned that family is also those friends that become closer to you than the word “friend” quantifies them for. One of my dear friends, Robyn, once told me that when it came to my friends, I was like a Momma bear and when someone messed with one of my “cubs” the claws came out…and you did not want to be on the other side of that paw. I took that as one of the highest compliments ever.

I am truly blessed to have the people in my life that I call friends and while life and travel has taken me from one end of this country and back to Thunder Bay again, and it’s hard to leave friends behind…I know that in every sense of the word they are still beside me.

#truth: Mommy wars 

As stated above, I love my kids and Evan and I have chosen to raise them a certain way. So far it’s working well for us. Although we are about to have a “threenager” in the house, so I will keep you posted. However, our way of life is not for everyone…AND THAT’S OK! I didn’t realize that there was so much judgement in the “mommy” world until more recently. I had no idea that in a community that is bonded by such a special reason (our kids) would be so f’ing brutal with each other.

Don’t want to breastfeed. Knock yourself out. I have breastfed and used formula and my kids are ok.

Don’t want to let your kids cry it out. Awesome. We sleep trained Audrey and plan to soon with Ben.

Prefer to wear your baby than push them in a stroller. I am a recent baby wearing convert and love my Ergo.

Co-sleeping, attachment, Tiger Mom? Thumbs up…whatever works for you.

What I think those that participate in Mommy wars don’t get is…we are ALL IN THE WEEDS…why not just smile and offer each other a high five, a hug or maybe a glass of wine. Anyone who thinks that they can do this better than someone else is doomed to be alone…and from my experience, other Mom’s are allies that you not only want…you NEED!

The one caveat that I will add to this is about immunizations. To me…there is NO excuse for not getting your child immunized and I will judge you and keep my children away from you….this meme says it all…



#truth: sweat

I like to sweat. I like to run and workout. I have done some of my best thinking, writing and problem solving while sweat is stinging my eyes. I workout because I like the way I feel after (runners high ls real!) and I also workout because I refuse to stop drinking wine or eating my Mother’s baking.

#truth: my postpartum body

The recent Dove commercial, which talks about self-hate thoughts that women have about their bodies really hits home. There are very few days that I don’t look at my body and think that there is something that could be tighter, smaller/larger, less saggy, more toned, etc. I am trying my best to remind myself that this made, carried and delivered (drug free to my chagrin…) two beautiful babies. This is the body that they know and love. There is no judgement in their eyes. They crawl onto it, snuggle against it and cover me in kisses and hugs. I might not it like some days…but this body is loved.


#truth: love

Another friend recently posted on Facebook “life is hard. love your people harder”. Totally agree.


hello…..anyone still there?

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hello…..anyone still there?


It’s been like a year and a half since I posted anything here…

In that time, this has happened…

(1) Our family moved 2000 km’s

(2) Both Evan and I started new jobs

(3) We bought a house

(4) We I got pregnant again (he might have gained some weight, but let’s be honest…I did the heavy lifting for 9 months)

(5) We had a baby

(6) We still have that spirited toddler around…and now there’s a needy newborn…WTF were we thinking?

(7) We’re surviving and dare I say almost thriving!


I have missed writing and having a second child has really made me think about a lot of stuff I want to write about and share and get feedback on. So, I dare say that this is my pledge or whatever you want to call it to come back and be annoying wise with all my words 🙂

Stay tuned for more!

Epic Fail…

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I am sure more than a few of you called it…
#YMCPhotoADay, moving, house hunting, starting a new job…oh yah and trying to be a decent parent?
Something had to give and it was clear what that was…

That all being said…here are some photos to try and make up for my epic fail!!

This is my new commute to work…

My summer Princess…

Participating in the Harbour Youth Services “Amazing Race Raising Cash for Kids”…so this was for a good cause…


I’m helping…


Life is pretty good…even if I can’t “do it all”…I feel that I am doing some things right!

#YMCPhotoADay #7: Communicate

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ACK! Sooooo….I feel like I have already failed my May challenge, since I have skipped Day 5 and 6 of this #YMCPhotoADay Challenge. Do I get to use the excuse that I am up to my nose in boxes as we pack up our life and move?

Anyways, Day #5 was toys, and I honestly kept thinking, as I piled Audrey’s toys into a box that I should take a photo of the toy orgy that was going on…it’s was both hilarious and creepy to see. When it comes to toys though, nothing can compete with Audrey’s monkey (on the right in the photo below). She does not care about any other stuffies, despite the fact that we try and prop her up with others, as the photo below depicts.

monkey love

Day #6 was “Guilty Pleasure”… There are SO many things that I could have taken a picture of. A bottle of Bailey’s, the sleep marks on my face from being able to sleep in past 7am yesterday, the amazing meal I had last night… Truth is, I live a very good life and I need to remember that that is my guilty pleasure. I have the good fortune to be Canadian, to have amazing parents, the best brother and soon-to-be-sister, to have a fabulous husband and a phenomenal little daughter. I am surrounded by friends that I love like they are my family. My “Guilty Pleasure” is life…and I am grateful everyday for it!

Now…Day #7: Communicate.
This blog has allowed me to have a voice on the interweb and share my weird, wild and wonderful musings. However, I would say that the main form of communication for me is Facebook. When Evan and I announced that we were pregnant, engaged, had a baby and other news, there has always been a “Facebook” conversation, regarding when we were going to post and tell “the world” our news. No matter what the latest trend is (like “SnapChat” whatever the heck that is…) we cannot deny that Facebook has changed the way that we communicate. This morning it allowed me to see an awesome photo of my daughter playing with my Dad and my parents dog Ivy. Warms my heart 🙂

good ol'Facebook

Day #8 is Grateful…stay tuned!

#YMCPhotoADay #4: Art

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Butterfly feet

Last year for Mother’s Day, Audrey “made” this for my Mom, her Granny. I got the idea off Pinterest 🙂

#YMCPhotoADay #3: Comfortable

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#YMCPhotoADay #3: Comfortable

If this photo of my Mom’s dog Ivy doesn’t SCREAM comfortable…I am not sure what does!

#YMCPhotoADay Day#2: 10:15am

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Snack time…she’s doing an independent comparison…snack time

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